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The Mans Cave was a concept originated long before my time. The men in my family have always had their place of solitude where men could be men and there was no questioning. I now live the city life which means the man cave has been greatly reduced in size. That brought me to create an internet based man cave where all men can join in. Whether geek, gamer, jock, fitness, brewer, BBQ-er, or just looking for a place to read about manly news, you will find a home in the Man Cave

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Introducing.... Amazon Cloud Player!

Amazon Cloud Player
Yup, there it is... in all its glory! This one is for all of you Android lovers out there (I'm among them).  While those Mac computers and iPhone guys are busy hooking up to iTunes to get all their music and video we Android guys have it a lot easier!  Amazon just announced today that they have a cloud based player and storage available to all Amazon account users and an Android app as well.  Do not be fooled the android app is listed as the Amazon mp3 player.  This means that every Amazon user now gets 5 GB's of free cloud service of which you can upload almost anything to.... and for a limited time anyone that buys a full CD (digital version) on Amazon you get bumped up to 20 GB.  After that its just $1 per GB.  But wait... there's more!  any Amazon mp3 purchase can be downloaded to your computer or device, and/or uploaded directly to the cloud.  Along with this any Amazon mp3 you buy from now on do not count against your cloud storage, thats right they get stored on the cloud for free!  You can also upload your own files from your computer as well!  So rejoice and enjoy Android and Amazon users!  have fun living on a cloud while Apple guys are tied to their iTunes store!

Here are the top selling Amazon Albums to help you get that extra boost to 20 GB's

Top Amazon Albums


Ronny Stiftel said...

thats quite cool

REM4606 said...

Ronny, glad you liked the post.... we only deliver the best news a guy could ask for! let us know if there are any topics you would like to see posts on

Thomas Magnussen said...


dooms day said...

fu--ing awesome bro ^^

Overpaf said...

awesome bortheeeeeeeeeeeeer

Overpaf said...


Mikael Kjær said...

Damn you, making me spend money.
This is awesome!

REM4606 said...

Don't worry Mikael, we have tons of money saving posts here to let you free up that cash for awesome Amazon Cloud space!

Jumpingjeff said...

cloud score

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